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1. How often should I take my watch for a service?

We recommend having your automatic piece serviced every 3 – 5 years.

2. How long will the battery in my watch last?

Quartz Watch battery’s generally need to be replaced every 18 months – 2 years.

3. I am not in Johannesburg, South Africa; How does shipping work?

We ship both locally and internationally via courier services.

4. How much are import duties going to cost me?

Please pop us a message in our contact us section and we will happily explain the process as this amount varies depending on the watch.

5. Are the watches serviced?

We do a full comprehensive service and polish before shipping your watch to you. Our vintage pieces are not typically polished as not to hinder the integrity of the watch – feel free to request a polish if you so wish for those pieces.

6. Can I trade my watch in?

Yes. We do accept trade-in’s on certain brands towards the purchase of your new watch.

7. What if the watch I purchased from you is giving issues?

Kindly contact us regarding the issue your watch is experiencing and we will have it booked in with our in-house workshops for any necessary repairs to be completed.
The repair work will be done under warranty if applicable or any service thereof will be quoted prior to work commencing on the timepiece should if fall out of the warranty period.

8. What is the difference between a Quartz watch and an Automatic watch?

A Quartz watch uses a battery to power the circuit and keep time – the display will appear as if the hands are ticking along the dial of the watch.
An Automatic watch uses kinetic energy (the movement of one’s wrist) stored in the mainspring and charged by the oscillating weight to keep time. The display will appear as if the hands are sweeping smoothly along the dial of the watch.

9. Are all of our timepieces pre-owned?

Yes – we are pre-owned traders who specialise in watches sourced from the local and international market. We do not receive stock from brand suppliers and we cannot order directly from brand agents. Occasionally there may be new timepieces advertised on our website – these are watches sold to us from a local buyer who may not have worn the timepiece and preferred to sell it outright.

10. Is The Watch Channel an online business only?

No – whilst The Watch Channel advertises all inventory and stock items on the website and other platforms such as Chrono24, the business does have a showroom premises whereby an appointment can be scheduled to view requested pieces. Please contact a sales consultant for more information.

Do you have any further enquiries? Please contact a Watch Channel consultant to answer any questions you may have.