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Watch Channel Process

A Watch Channel timepiece goes through a stringent process before we consider it ready for sale. Although each watch and brand is unique the process may vary but there is a basic journey that every watch takes:

  • When The watch arrives at The Watch Channel, it goes through several strict examinations to ensure its authenticity and verify its legitimacy (i.e. Not stolen), cross-referencing the serial number with technical documents and manufacturer records.
  • We then send the watch for a thorough inspection to test the watch’s water resistance, accuracy, functionality, and condition to determine the work required.
    Depending on the watch type and the level of servicing needed, we will either send it to the manufacturer or our experts will service the watch.
  • Once we have assessed the mechanics and completed any necessary work, the     watch will go for refinishing if required.
  • We then capture the watch on our website.
  • Finally, we secure the watch in our vault until it goes to its new owner.